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Novelty Weed Books: Gifts for Book Loving Stoners

These informative, entertaining and hilarious novelty weed books will make the perfect gift for a smoker in your life who has a literary side. Our selection covers a wide range of interests including cook books, puzzle books, coloring books, how to smoke guides and yoga. There’s also a book featuring underwater dogs. Just buy this […]

Weed Travel Kits: Stay Organised and Discrete on the Go

Whether you’re a recreational or medicinal smoker, having a safe and protective case for all your smoking accessories when you travel is a great idea. Pipes are easily broken, papers can get wet and lighters are easily lost. You might also want to avoid any suspicious odors leaking out of your luggage. Whether you’re smoking […]

Indica vs Sativa: What’s the Difference?

Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are the two main species of Cannabis plant. Both strains have high levels of THC which makes them awesome for getting high! There is also a third species called Cannabis ruderalis. Ruderalis has very low concentrations of THC and is only used for creating autoflowering hybrid strains with indica and sativa. In this post, […]

How Does Marijuana Affect the Body? – Infographic

How does marijuana affect the body? Because cannabis has been lumped in with other dangerous drugs for so many years it’s easy to assume many of the effects are negative. This isn’t true at all! Cannabis use has improved the lives of thousands of people suffering from many types of physical and mental illnesses. Until […]